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There’s another level
with your name on it.

No matter where you’re starting from,
High Performance Coaching can get
you to your next level of success–
personally and professionally.

Aren’t you curious about what’s possible?

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What Is High Performance Coaching?


The Empowerhouse Process

Systematic Structure,
Personalized Process.

Forget one-size-fits-all programs.
Your next level is unique to you.
The Empowerhouse Process is
backed by evidence-based strategies
and custom-tailored to every client.

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Strengths Based,
Future Focused.

Stop wasting time fixating on your
weaknesses and obsessing over the past.
High Performance Coaching leverages your
signature strengths and keeps you in
consistent action so you can reach
your goals more quickly.

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Why Coaching Works

Uplevel Your Relationships Energy Resilience Accountability Productivity Creativity Confidence Motivation Authenticity Communication

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

Empowering transformation and growth
through high performance coaching

With a unique high performance coaching approach that blends positive psychology,
neuroscience and personal development, Jess shifts her clients into high gear and puts
them on the fastrack towards achieving their most meaningful goals. As a result,
clients experience personal transformation and next level growth.

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